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Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

What is CELPIP?

● An assessment that measures English language proficiency for immigration purposes and professional designations

● Developed in 1999 by researchers at University of British Columbia (UBC).
● Purchased in 2009 by Paragon Testing Enterprises – a subsidiary of UBC
● CELPIP is one of two English proficiency tests approved by IRCC

There are (2) distinct CELPIP tests.

What is CELPIP-General?
CELPIP- General

● Used as proof of English language proficiency when applying for permanent resident status under Federal Skilled Worker, Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class, Start-up Visa Program, or for employment
● Tests all four skills: ListeningSpeakingReading and Writing

What is CELPIP-General LS?
CELPIP- General LS

● Used as proof of English language proficiency when applying for Canadian citizenship
● Can only be taken in Canada
● Test only two skills: Listening and Speaking

CELPIP General-LS: Listening Component

Listening component is allotted 47-55 minutes
● Consists of 6 parts/tasks
● Test takers have to listen to each part and answer questions

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Scoring System

9 Levels of Scoring System
CELPIP Levels Ranfing from M,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10-12

12 Advanced Proficiency 12
11 11
10 Highly Effective 10
9 Effective Proficiency 9
8 Good Proficiency 8
7 Adequate” 7
6 Developing Proficiency 6
5 Acquiring Proficiency 5
4 Adequate Proficiency 4
3 Some Proficiency in Limited Context 3
M Minimal
NA Not Administered

SPEAKING: Reply to on screen prompts verbally

Four categories of speaking test with a number of factors:

Category One


Category Two


Category Three


Category Four

Task fulfilment

Features of CELPIP General- LS

● 100% Canadian focused
○ Ideal for learners who can’t attend LINC/ESL program

● 100% computer delivered

● Test done in (1) sitting
○ Approximately 1 hour 10 min

● Authentic and reflects daily-living
○ Ex.Responding to emails, interacting with friends, taking the bus

● Single North American accent

● Only CELPIP and IELTS are approved by IRCC for immigration purposes


Taking the CELPIP General IELTS General CELPIP General- LS
100% computer based Y Y
Single North American Accent N Y
Skills tested in 1 sitting N Y

How to get results

● Test takers can access their CELPIP Test scores. online through their CELPIP Account in 4-5 calendar days after their test date.

● Test takers will receive an email notification once scores are available.

● Regular Rating is included in test fees.

● Test takers can choose to add Express Rating ($100 fee) so that scores are available online in (3) business days.

● The first two CELPIP Official Score Reports are included in test registration fee.

● Print copies of CELPIP Official Score Report are sent to registered address via Canada Post’s standard delivery service.

● Estimated delivery time for print copies of score reports is 4-10 business days after scores are made available online.

● CELPIP Test scores can be accessed and viewed online in your account for a period of 2 years from your test date.