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Are you unable to get your desired band score in IELTS due to low scores in the Speaking and Writing sections?
Speaking and Writing are two important sections of the IELTS exam that can help you get a good band score.

For those of you looking for a solution to this issue, know that we can help.
We recently came the problem, which many IELTS aspirants have been struggling with for a long time. When asked, students revealed that they were unable to clear the IELTS, because they mostly lacked in either the Speaking or Writing sections.

In an attempt to address this issue, we offer single module batches, for students who are being held back from their desired score, due to a poor performance in either of the two modules i.e., IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing.


What do we offer?

We at IELTS PRO, have appointed expert instructors who will train students that are lacking in writing and/or speaking. These trainers have prepared a special curriculum that will help IELTS aspirants improve their English speaking fluency and writing skills.


Major features of IELTS writing classes that help aspirants:

  • Focus more on vocabulary and grammar by providing study material for daily practice.
  • Use grammatical structures to help them improve their score in grammatical range.
  • Write paragraphs in a precise way and effectively link ideas.
  • Manage their time during the exam in a calm and efficient way.


Major features of IELTS speaking classes that help aspirants:

  • Improve on vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation to prepare for IELTS Speaking.
  • Learn to concisely connect their thoughts and present their opinion.
  • Answer questions even if they are unsure about what or how to answer.
  • Manage their time during the exam so they don’t miss any questions.

We at IELTS PRO have structured and designed the single module study program to help students get through their IELTS exam seamlessly. So, don’t worry! If you think you are lacking in speaking, writing or both, then join our single module batches at IELTS PRO and fulfil your dreams of studying abroad.

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