IELTS Speaking

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The Speaking test is conducted in the form of a personal
interview (PI), in which the interviewer assesses how engaging you are and how well you can express yourself. The test is based on basic British-spoken English.

The Speaking Module of IELTS is conducted on a separate day, while the other three (Writing, Listening and Reading) are conducted on the same day. The Speaking module may be scheduled as far as one week before or after the other three modules. In this face-to-face interview, the examiner will assess the candidate’s fluency, confidence, and the comfort level in the English language. The interview session is also recorded for referencing and re-checking purposes. The Speaking test of IELTS lasts for about 15 minutes.


These are the main areas your examiner will assess:

  • Expressing your opinions, ideas and knowledge on general topics.
  • Speaking consistently on your given topic in the allotted time.
  • Managing your thoughts, and expressing them concisely and logically.
  • Justifying your viewpoints, in a clear and coherent manner.
  • Grammar, lexical knowledge, coherence, pronunciation and enunciation.

The IELTS Speaking test consists of three parts and they are as

Section Duration Information
Part 1
Introduction and interview
5 mins This foremost part comprises of topics that are generally discussed at the start of regular conversations, i.e., personal introductions, background (family, studies), hobbies, interests etc..
Part 2
Individual long turn
5 mins In this part, the examiner gives the student a cue card that displays a main topic and some points related to the topic. The student if given a minute to jot down ideas and thoughts, before talking on the topic for at least 2 minutes. A few questions may be asked after the talk, pertaining to the topic on hand.
Part 3
2-way discussion
5 mins For the final section, the examiner gets a chance to further pose questions related to the topic provided in Part 2. The questions may address abstract issues or concepts.

Marking in this module, depends on the following four facets: –

  • Fluency and versatility
  • Vocabulary and lexical knowledge
  • Use of error-free grammar
  • Exactness in pronunciation