IELTS Writing

The IELTS Writing Test is conducted to assess your skills and ability to write correctly. The test determines how well you can pen down your opinions and thoughts concisely, while maintaining good grammar and sufficient vocabulary.

IELTS Writing Time Duration

The IELTS Writing module lasts one hour, and has two tasks. Before you begin with your writing test, make a mental note to not spend more than 20 minutes on Task 1 and 40 minutes on Task 2, as no extra time will be allotted.
Task 1 requires you to write a minimum of 150 words and Task 2, a minimum of 250 words. Be particular about meeting the minimum word-limit.

Note: The above-mentioned limit is minimum. You can write well beyond this word limit


IELTS Academic Writing Test

For the IELTS Academic Writing Test, your answers should written in formal language for both tasks.

Task 1: Here, you will be given one of three pictograms: a Graph, a Diagram, or a Chart. You are supposed to study and analyze the figure carefully and explain clearly what you understand from it. For example, you would need to explain a Graph, its data and other related aspects that are included. You may spend 20 minutes on this task.

Task 2: Here, you need to elaborate your personal opinion and/or argument on the assigned topic, in an organized manner. This task reflects your lexical/vocabulary knowledge and shows how well you can express your viewpoints accurately.

IELTS General Writing Test

In the IELTS General Writing Test, you are expected to complete both tasks in a non-formal way.

Task 1: You will be asked to write a letter addressing a particular situation. The type of letter you’re assigned can be any one of the following three: formal, semi-formal or personal.

Task 2: You will be asked to pen down a write-up that should be expressed in your own thoughts and opinions, on the assigned topic. This task will reflect your vocabulary and your ability to present your thoughts effectively.

Note: In terms of scores, the second task carries more importance as compared to the first task.


The aspects that affect the Writing Test Score of IELTS

In terms of scores, the second task carries more importance as compared to the first Task of the Writing Test.