IELTS Reading

The IELTS Reading test lasts for 1 hour. The test, however, is slightly different for the General module versus the Academic module. The general module is a bit easier, while the academic module is more complex.

Test Pattern: The Academic Module consists of three passages whereas the General Module consists of five passages. The number of questions, however, remains the same for both modules i.e. 40. Although passage-topics for general and academic modules are different, all of them are academic in nature. Their complexity varies.
It is necessary for the candidate to not hesitate or panic, irrespective of their personal knowledge on the passage topics. One does not need personal knowledge in order to answer any of the questions. This test is designed to assess the candidate’s reading comprehension skills, and hence all answers are within the text of the passages. It is important to note, that every answer you attempt is written in text form.


Various types of IELTS Reading Tasks:

These are the different kinds of questions asked in a typical IELTS reading test, which a candidate will have to answer in either of the Modules:

  • Paragraph with headings
  • Short Answers
  • Completion of sentences
  • Questions having multiple choices
  • Flowcharts, Diagrams, Tables, and its conclusion
  • Matching columns
  • Completion of summary
  • Locating the data
  • Locating the author’s views
  • Paragraph classification

IELTS Reading Time Limit

To cope with the limited time allotted for the IELTS Reading test, students need to employ effective time management skills and techniques. Many a times, candidates’ score low, because they spend too long on a particular part/section and fail to finish the test in time. It is of utmost importance that the test is completed, as it will help you achieve the best possible score.

Candidates also waste too much time trying to answer a question they don’t know or can’t understand. Instead, it is advisable to move to the next question and attempt the easier ones. You can always come back to the questions you skipped.


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